RO-BG MicroNanoTech
MIS-ETC Code 587





Scanning Probe Charact. (SPC):

  • AFM -dry / wet cell; STM; NSOM; SECM.
  • Non-contact control of surface topography – roughness and contour, 3D topography by AFM.

Beam charact.:




  • SEM; Field-emission SEM; X-ray: HRXRD, WAXRD (with/without focalisation, with and/or without monochromation, with and/or without analyzer crystal), SAXS, XRR, XRPD, GIXRD, IGPID.
  • X-ray diffraction analyses of materials; SEM and micro-XRD composition and structural analyses; Optical metallography.
  • Surface characterisation, Interferometry.

Other inspections:

  • Confocal optical microscopy; Optical profilometry.


Spectroscopic charact.:

  • Thin films, nanomaterials: Spectroscopic ellipsometry; HR-Raman; Fluorescence; EIS; UV-Vis-NIR; FTIR.




Device charact.

Environmental tests:


  • Electrical probing I/V (DC...65GHz, -80...+200C).
  • Simple and/or combined device stresses - humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration, mechanical shocks; MEMS defect analysis, accelerated testing.
  • Corrosion and bio tests.

Mechanical tests

  • Verifying the behaviour at vibrations: in-situ vibroacoustic diagnosis for ensuring predictive maintenance.
  • Establishing the wear rate in dry / wet environment;
  • Surface micro-scratch and hardness tests; Mechanical testing (tensile, compressive, torsion and combinations) including cyclic tests.
  • Establishing the mechanical characteristics of materials /; products; Establishing the friction coefficient in dry / wet environment.


Other techniques


Material charact.

  • Establishing the granulometric distribution of micrometric, sub-micrometric and nanometric powders; Establishing the quality of surfaces of materials / products.



  • Application of voltametric techniques to identification of wastewater (working electrodes using nanostructures).


CAD and simulation

  • Calibration of digital transducers, at micro and nano level.
  • CoventorWare, Ansys Multiphysics, TransMagic, SolidWorks Office Professional, Mathematica 7, Matlab 7, OriginPro 8, COMSOL Multiphysics 3.3, 3.4.
  • Simulation, modelling and dimensional accuracy analyses (Grid Method)





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