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Processes, products & services in Catalysis

  •  Obtaining hydrogen from hydrocarbon and renewable sources;
  •  Obtaining hydrogen for fuel cell (WGSR and PROX);
  •  Catalytic purification of waste gases, water and contaminated soil;
  •  Physico-chemical, spectral and thermal analysis;
  •  Disinfection and sterilization of medical devices;
  •  High quality hydrogenated oils for application in the food industry;
  •  Extending the life of polymeric materials by inhibiting thermal and oxidation processes;
  •  Obtaining optical recording media for CD and DVD;
  •  Equipment for producing ozone - output 1, 100 and 1000 g ozone/hour;
  •  Synthesis of organic compounds having biological activity - biological markers to the medical and electronics based on a spiro-cyclic compounds;
  •  New types of dosimeters to determine the intensity of radiation using carbohydrates;
  •  Scientific advice, expertise and programs in the country and abroad on the methodology and implementation of projects and activities in the field of the activity of Institute of Catalysis.

Pollution control for the environmental factors

  • Water analysis (potable water, mineral water, surface water, wastewater; biological / microbiological analyses) ;  identification of prioritary substances by screening analysis; soil and sediment analyses; sludge and waste analyses; mathematical modeling of pollutants dispersion in air, etc...

Pollution Assessment

  • Environmental balances (level 0, I, II) to establish and quantify the degree of the quality conformity of environmental components potentially affected by the economic activities; Environmental impact studies on the environmental quality in order to obtain the required environmental permits for new investment or decommissioning of economic units, etc...

Environmental Technologies / Environmental Consultancy

  • Strategic audit (SWOT analysis, Baldrige questionnaires) and models for development and implementation of sustainable enterprise strategy ;
  • Clean Production (CP) assessment (planning and organisation, sources and pollution causes analysis, CP measures based on BREF-BATs) for various industries, implementation of clean technologies



Processes, products & services in Phytochemistry

  • Development of approaches for synthesis of new chiral compounds, which on one hand are tested for biological activity, while on the other hand are applied as chiral auxiliaries in asymmetric catalytic reactions. Apply new "green" synthetic approaches aimed at reducing the use of toxic solvents as well as reducing the amount of energy required for chemical reactions.
  •  Utilization of Bulgarian medicinal and aromatic plants by green technologies to produce innovative phyto products of high added value;
  •  Development of methods for assessing the authenticity and quality of fats and oils for food purposes;
  •  Development of enzyme technologies to exploit new sources of food and waste products from the food industry and getting food and nutritional supplements;
  •  Study the composition of lipids of terrestrial and marine origin; studying the mechanisms of oxidation and the role of harmless antioxidants for stabilization of lipid-containing food and cosmetics;
  •  Development of methods and technologies to create functional foods and dietary supplements aimed at improving quality of life;
  •  Accomplishment of scientific and applied research of new biomaterials for applications in medicine and pharmacy; investigation of the mechanism of biologically important reactions;
  • Studies of the composition and products of fossil fuels and biomass processing. Development of highly porous adsorbents and catalysts for applications in ecology, pharmacy and advanced technologies.



Building materials

  • Geological studies (certified by ANRM): Elaboration/expertise of geological and technical-economical documentations for utile rocks; Performing of site and laboratory works afferent to geological studies;
  • Technological studies of raw materials; Studies regarding possibilities of using some natural additions or wastes at cement manufacturing;
  • Thermo-energetic and environment balances;
  • Studies for environment protection;
  • Evaluation of air and phonic pollution;
  • Monitoring of heavy metals emissions;
  • Processing/co-incineration of non-combustible / combustible wastes;
  • Checking of gases emissions with greenhouse effect
  • Technological and environment measurements.     



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