RO-BG MicroNanoTech
MIS-ETC Code 587





Direct micro/nanodeposition of spots and patterns (molecules, precursors, nanodots)


  • Microarray spot plotting and scanning; Programmable dip-pen nanopattern printing; Induced nanodeposition (Pt, W, SiO2)

Physical depositions  and thermal processes






  • E-beam evaporation; DC-sputtering:
    • For Al, Ni, Cr, Au, Pt, Ti, W, AlSi etc.;
    • Semiconductor oxide layers for gas detection
  • Dry / Wet oxidation; Annealing; RTP, RTA, RTO; Deposition from liquid source POCl3 and from solid source BN, B+, P+; Solid state diffusion; Nitridation, Silicidation, Crystallization, Densification; Alignment/sintering processes(forming gas).

Chemical depositions

  • PECVD - Silicon oxide, BPSG, Silicon nitride; LPCVD – Polysilicon, Low stress silicon nitride, Silicon oxide.
  • Semiconductor oxide layers for gas detection


Rapid Prototyping


3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modelling

Powder metalurgy

  • Laser microstructuring; Micromold fabrication.
  • For mechanical components: (i) With laser beam by sintering; (ii) With high power laser beam.
  • For sacrificial pattern preparation.
  • Elaborating micrometric powders, nanopowders and/or nanostructured metallic powders by mechanical alloying (MA), to be used for fabricating nanostructured components;
  • Forming microcomponents with complex geometry by microinjection of powders / nanopowders / metallic / cermics / composite nanostructures powders;
  • Applying advanced thermal treatments for sintering: heating in microwaves (MWS), in plasma discharge (SPS), two-step sintering (TSS), for fabricating nanostructures.







  • For MEMS, Bio-MEMS, MOEMS, RF-MEMS: Proximity/contact/flood exposure; Single/double face alignment; Laser exposure lithography: 0.6µm; Mask copy, photo-repeating; Precision e-beam lithography; Mix-and-match lithography; E-beam nanoengineering.



  • Thermal Dry Etching (CF4, SF6; O2, Ar;): RIE silicon, polysilicon, oxide, nitride. Wet/electrochemical etching. Induced etching (C, SiO2)



  • Surface chemistry and wafer cleaning; Porosification by electrochemical anodisation.
  • Wafer dicing, die bonding, wire bonding.




Thermal and chemical processes:


  • Technologies and systems for heat treatment of ferrous alloys in vacuum (hardening, tempering and various types of annealing);
  • Vacuum thermo-chemical treatment: carburising, nitriding and carbo-nitriding, combinations of processes.

PVD and plasma enhanced processes:




  • Various PVD and plasma enhanced processes for hard, protective, decorative, gradient and nano-structured coatings. This includes systems such as Cr-C; Cr-N; Ti-C; Ti-C-N.
  • Technology and system for vacuum precision and micro investment casting of Al, Cu, Fe alloys;

Vacuum preparation:

  • Vacuum preparation of high temperature pure alloys;
  • ECAP (equal channel angular pressing) technology and tooling for obtaining UFG (ultra-fine grain) structured aluminium alloys.



Nanosized materials:



  • Nanosized catalysts with controlled structure and properties applicable in the chemical industry, environmental protection, alternative fuels, new energy sources.
  • Microprocessing with lasers (cutting, drilling) of micro and macro nanostructures components, hard to process by conventional technologies;

Microproc. with focused energy beams:

  • Micro-joining with lasers, by welding and eutectic bonding, on metallic and non-metallic nanostructured components, in MEMS structures;
  • Hybrid micro-joining laser-ultrasound on metals and polymers;
  • Micro-joining in microwave field (eutectic bonding, with microwave plasma) of metallic and non-metallic nanostructures components;
  • Devices for micro-joining laser-ultrasound of metallic foils.





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